Rutgers WR Brandon Coleman Scouting Notes [with GIFs]

Height: 6’5
Weight: 220
Projected 40: 4.55


  • Great size and deceptive speed.
  • Can play outside in and work effectively.
  • Above Average after the catch ability. 
  • Quick and clean release off the line. 
  • Strong, able to beat the press.
  • Large frame, able to box out and shield the defender.
  • Good at the high point.
  • Strong hands.
  • 80% success rate on 3rd down.
  • Has the size to be a Red Zone threat, though wasn’t used as on in 2013 [had a 100% 5-5 in ’11 &’12] 


  • Looks stiff in his routes, though this could be due to his size.
  • Inconsistent hands.
  • Not asked to run a diverse route tree.
  • Still raw, needs refining and teaching.
  • Doesn’t have game changing speed, needs time/space to build up.

Projection: Late First-Mid Second


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