2014 NFL Draft Final Quarterback Rankings

  1.        Teddy Bridgewater, Louisville [top-3]
  2.        Blake Bortles, Central Florida [2nd]
  3.        David Fales, San Jose State [2nd]
  4.        Derek Carr, Fresno State [2nd]
  5.        Johnny Manziel, Texas A&M [2nd]
  6.        Jimmy Garoppolo, Eastern Illinois [3rd]
  7.        Brett Smith, Wyoming [3rd]
  8.        Logan Thomas, Virginia Tech [3rd]
  9.        Jeff Mathews, Cornell [4th]
  10.    Keith Wenning, Ball State [4th]
  11.    Tom Savage, Pittsburgh [5th]
  12.    Aaron Murray, Georgia [5th]
  13.    AJ McCarron, Alabama [6th]
  14.    Zach Mettenberger, LSU [6th]
  15.    Tajh Boyd, Clemson [7th]
  16.    Stephen Morris, Miami [FL] [7th]
  17.    Dustin Vaughan, West Texas A&M [7th]
  18.    Connor Shaw, South Carolina [7th]
  19.    Brock Jensen, North Dakota State [7th]

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