Jaguars QB Blake Bortles Scouting Report

Blake Bortles, QB Central Florida:

6’5” 232lbs


2 year starter, though appeared in games as a redshirt freshman. Named AAC Offensive player of the year and All-AAC First Team as a rJR [2013]. Named Second Team All-Conference USA as a rSO. Conference-USA All Freshman Team in 2011 [rFR].


Possess an NFL level frame. Built to take hits and shrug off defenders [similar to Ben Roethlisberger]. Keeps eyes consistently down field and scanning. Able to stand tall in the pocket and receive hits [no ducking to pressure]. While pressure causes footwork and balance to deteriorate he take the hits and deliver a catchable ball. Plus velocity short to intermediate. Able to throw the receiver open on the run and seems comfortable doing so. Shows he can throw into tight windows and throw receivers open. Able to extend the pocket and play with his feet. Able to step into and climb the pocket. Able to put the team on his back and win a ball game with his arm and legs. Strong leader on and off the field. Coachable. Mentally tough and doesn’t allow pressure or hits effect his overall game.


Inexperienced. Will need time to learn and develop. Needs strong coaching to fix flaws and mechanics. Lacks an elite NFL arm, though it’s serviceable. Needs to improve touch on short and intermediate passes. Footwork will deteriorate under pressure. Footwork and balance will be inconsistent. Average to below average deep ball accuracy and touch, however this has improved every year. Long delivery. Velocity is inconsistent, could be due to mechanics, but arm needs to get stronger at next level. Needs to transition to a more under center offense [“NFL offense”] as he ran out of shot gun most of the time at UCF. Needs to show he isn’t a dink and dunker and that it was a product of the system he ran [similar to Derek Carr]. Needs to work on fumbling issues. Though shows he is mobile, only has average at best speed and will be run down at the next level.


Only a 2 year starter. Needs time to sit and develop and learn the speed of the NFL game. Could face boom/bust potential if he isn’t put into the right situation. Has a very good NFL frame. Lacks elite arm strength and deep ball but has good velocity and accuracy short and intermediate. Strong leader who is coachable, which is a plus as he will need it at the next level. Able to carry the team and engineer a comeback.


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