2015 NFL Draft Running Back Rankings


  1. David Johnson, Northern Iowa [Late 1-Early 2]
  2. Ameer Abdullah, Nebraska [2nd]
  3. David Cobb, Minnesota [2nd-3rd]
  4. Jeremy Langford, Michigan State [4th]
  5. Michael Dyer, Louisville [5th]
  6. Dominique Brown, Louisville [5th]
  7. Corey Grant, Auburn [6th]
  8. Malcolm Agnew, Southern Illinois [7th]
  9. Malcolm Brown, Texas [7th]



  1. Todd Gurley, Georgia [Top-5]
  2. Mike Davis, South Carolina [Late 1-Early 2]
  3. Melvin Gordon, Wisconsin [2nd]
  4. Duke Johnson, Miami (FL) [2nd]
  5. Jay Ajayi, Boise State [3rd]
  6. Tevin Coleman, Indiana [3rd]
  7. T.J. Yeldon, Alabama [4th]
  8. Keith Marshall, Georgia [5th]
  9. Storm Woods, Oregon State [6th]
  10. Jonathan Williams, Arkansas [6th]



  1. Barry Sanders, Stanford  [3rd]
  2. Rushel Shell, West Virginia [4th]


Priority Free Agents:

Marcus Murphy, Missouri | Karlos Williams, Florida State  | Venric Mack, Northwestern


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